Sunday, February 26, 2017

My First Post!

Hi Stranger who is reading this, looks like you found my blog! Congrats, this is probably going to be the most boring post you will ever read from a blog! But if you are reading it given the title it has, I suppose that means you must be interested mildly in why I even made this site to post such a boring thing to in the first place. I recently graduated this past Christmas but to be perfectly honest, I feel pretty bleak when it comes to finding a good 9 to 5 job. I don't even know if that it what I even really want or need, it honestly is soul-crushing to think about, which brings me to why I am making this blog. It is a distraction, a stress-reliever, a Valhalla for my anxiety constricted mind! I want to make this blog the cutest of cutesy places to be in the internet for me to relax, and if you as an internet stranger want to do the same, you are more than welcome to! We can do crafts, look at cute kitties and puppy pictures, and oogle over other cute amazing things that the world has to offer! I'll be here at least once a week on Sundays if you want to stop in and look at whatever cute things I decide to remember forever in this blog. Heck if you have a cute thing or pinterest craft let me know, I could use help covering all the cute basics in this quest!

                                                                               Wish me luck on getting thru my quarter-life crisis,